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Selling artwork is hard, especially at affordable prices. At artmapped we want to help connect your gallery to the millions of art buyers in the UK who don't know you exist

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We are the rightmove for the artworld

What artmapped delivers

Everything we do revolves around increasing your digital footfall at scale, profitability


The most difficult aspect of selling artwork is finding new customers! Artmapped solves this by exposing your gallery to an ever growing mass audience of art buyers, cost effectively and transparently

Digital Ease

The Artmapped hub makes uploading and controlling your digital footfall incredibly easy. We make sure we give you all the tools you need to increase the effectiveness of your digital spend and manage your sales

Data Insight

We let you know all the surprising things that your customers may not tell you like "We want more paintings of unicorns 🦄" or "you could be charging more". This information comes included in your memberships

People want to find you, lets help them

There are over 11m art buyers in the UK with 80% of them spending under £1,000 per artwork... We simply want to help you connect to these people in a cost effective, transparent and easy manner

Profitable & scalable footfall

Digital marketing is hard but absolutely necessary to significantly increase your sales. Doing it alone can cost a great deal of time and money. However with artmapped you can let us worry about the marketing, so you can focus on the art and running your gallery.

Membership starts at £150 per month, but as you see it increasing your sales you can increase this at a click of a button. We don't charge a penny of commission and allow you to have direct contact with the buyer, because they are your customer now ours.

*Expected sales increase using artmapped